Thank you so much for the quick response, as to a follow up to the previous answer how long must I use the shampoo mask(is it safe for sensitive skin) and must I use the ointment on my face only on the affected areas?

Eczema since I was a baby

I have had eczema since I was a baby I am now in my 30s. It flares up once in a while and especially when the weather changes. I have been using aqueous cream, non fragrant and colorant free. I am afraid to use over the counter products as they can be harsh. The eczema […]

Dry skin of a 2 month old

My daughter is 2 months old and her skin is very dry. My 9 year old son uses Classique ointment before and after bathing and my husband uses Classique creme. I tried using ointment for her baths but all becomes slippery with water and I am scared she slips off my hands and get hurt. […]