SPF 50 or 40 and hormonal acne

What is the difference between the SFP50 and 40? Which one os better to use as daily moisturizer? i am 38 and started getting hormonal acne on chin/jaw and between eyes on forehead just before my period. Its not a lot but its big and pianful. What to use?

Very dry, red, burning spots

Good day I’ve been using your products for a month now but have developed very dry, red, burning patches in certain areas. They formed around my mouth, my nose, on my chin and a very sensitive, burning patch on my eyelid. Could it be that the products are not suitable for my skin? I use […]

Burn and Itchy skin

Good day, After a partial hysterectomy I started to experience itchy and burn sensation on my face and neck only.  I have a problem with eczema and not sure if it returned.  I have tried creams prescribed by dermatologists but nothing is helping.  Not sure if this is hormone related.  Will the ointment cream help?  […]