I am on Accutane and want to know if the Acne Pac is suitable to use with it?

Thank you for the enquiry.  You will certainly be able to use the Acne Pack.  It contains the following and should be used in this order:

Cleanser, soapfree,wash 2 x p.d. and rinse off.

Beta Hydroxy Gel, toner and ex-foliater, apply a few drops  2 x p.d. and leave on.

Zinc Skin and Hair Supplement, take 2 capsules in the morning with breakfast.  Zinc is very healing and kindly note it has NO Vit A, although a good skin vitamin, it was  left out to specifically NOT clash with the Ruaccutane.  No Synthetically formulated Vit A should be taken during the Ruaccutane course, but all fresh fruit and vegetables with Vit A can be taken in any amount.

Acne Gel, Can be applied 1x – 2x p.d. and left on. Kindly note that it contains Benzoyl Peroxide and may bleach clothes.

Evening Mask, can be applied overnight and then skip the moisturiser.

Safari SPF40 Sunscreen, becomes the sunscreen as well as the day and night moisturiser, treating the 2 common effects caused by Ruaccatane, ie: dryness and sun sensitivity.

If one becomes extremely dry, the jar of Cream (dry skin moisturiser), can be used as a “soap” and re-applied as often as required.