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  • November last year I visited Dr De Beer regarding my problematic skin. I was given the cleanser,blemish lotion,safari 34+ moisturizer and prescribed purbac. My skin started clearing out and it was beautiful bt I’ve since stopped purbac because it’s an antibiotic and I’m on the pill. My skin is breaking out again. What do I do now?

Dr de Beer sadly passed away last year and dr Claudia Moloabi took over the practice.  You are kindly advised to make an appointment with her for further treatment.  Complimenting that, there are a few products in the Range I would recommend: Use in this order:

Cleanser, soapfree wash, use 2 x p.d. and only one to rinse off.

Beta Hydroxy Gel, toner and ex-foliater, apply a few drops on face and neck, leave on.

Rejuvenating Eye and Scar Serum, apply 2 x p.d. and leave on, it heals and .

Evening Mask, apply a few times per week and leave on overnight. (do not apply a moisturiser on the same night).

Zinc Skin and Hair Capsules, take 2 in the morning, as zinc is very healing for acnee.

Moisturiser with SPF30 OR SafariSPF40 Sunscreen, can both provide safe sunprotection and day and night moisturising, without blocking pores or causing acnee.

The Glycolic Acid also provides improvement of the texture and can be used as a “home peel” , by applying it a few times per week. It provides deeper -ex-foliation.

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