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Can Vitiligo be treated successfully ?

Thank you

christa van vuuren edited answer 2017-06-17

Vitiligo can be treated, but as with all medicine, the results will vary (in many cases we see full restoration). We suggest that those with Vitiligo contact our Vitiligo treatment team at Advanced Dermatology in Pretoria

The full treatment includes some Scheduled topical medicine prescribed by a dermatologist.

The next part of the treatment includes UVB light therapy and Eximer laser at a Vitiligo Clinic (Using Creme Classique’s Vitiligo Cream)

The Creme Classique Vitiligo Cream stimulates new pigment to form on the affected areas. Some of our clients do this treatment at home by applying the cream and then sitting in the sun for no longer than 30 minutes. The best is to get a home treatment light and then apply the Creme Classique Vitiligo Cream under the light.

christa van vuuren edited answer 2017-06-17
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