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What helps for hormonal acne around the mouth? painful whiteheads especially.

Hormonal Asked question 2019-09-29

Thank you for the inquiry. I would like to recommend the following, which is a good acne routine:

Wash 2x per day with the Cleanser (soapfree) and rinse off.
Apply a few drops of the Beta Hydroxy Gel 2 x per day on the face and any areas that may also have acne.
Apply a few drops of the Acne Gel (at night) on the acne areas. Pls take care as it contains peroxide and may stain clothing.
Then apply the Evening Mask on the affected areas and leave on overnight.
The Safari SPF40 Sunscreen provides saqfe moisturising without blocking pores or causing more acne. This can be applied day and night, except when you apply the evening mask at night.

The acne gel and evening mask can be applied every evening in the beginning to improve the condition, but later a few times per week that a moisturiser can then be applied the other evenings.
A very good moisturiser without sunscreen is the Facial Moisturiser which clients often use at night and the SafariSPF40 in the morning to benefit from the sunprotection. Further I would recommend that you see a good beautician for steaming of the white heads which are often stubborn. If you live in Pretoria, Jana at the Laser Hair and Skin Clinic is excellent with that. Her no is: 012 343 5512

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