Good day,

I first had a severe eczema breakout in 2013 and used Elecon prescription cream, which helped at the time.  Since then my flare-ups were always manageable and over-the-counter cortisone creams always did the trick.  I have however had a very bad flare-up in December last year and tried Elecon cream again but it didn’t work.

I’ve tried so many products and started using your eczema and psoriasis moisturizer since yesterday and I have applied it numerous times.  Sometimes my skin feels calmer after applying your moisturizer but then other times it rages with itch a few minutes after application. My affected areas include my hands, face (under eye and on upper eyelid, chin, lips) and legs. Some areas would become oozy and the skin then become thick and crusty.  I get temporary relief from making a scrub with brown sugar, bicarbonate of soda and epsom salts with which I exfoliate super gently.


Could you offer any advice?  I am allergic to maroela fruit and my skin flares up when I eat figs.  I also get hay fever easily and my skin literally crawls where animals, dust or plants contact it.

Kind regards,
Lezanne Lombard
lezanne.myburgh@gmail.com  |  079 019 7402

Dear Lezanne,

I am sorry to learn about your condition.  Have you had a correct diagnosis with a Dermatologist to confirm whether it is eczema or psoriasis?  Both have a genetic and allergic base.  There are a few external factors that trigger the condition and things that can be avoided:  Stress, water (in any form eg the sea too), bath or shower quickly by applying either the Cream (dry skin moisturiser) or the Ointment,rinse off, and re-apply after drying. One can also apply the cream additionally daily to emoliate the skin. Avoid soaps, shampoos and body washes.  The Zinc Pyrithione or Coal Tar Shampoos can be applied as often as you wash hair. The Safari Cleansing Bar is soapfree and can safely be used for bathing. Chemicals such as Dishwashing liquids and surface cleaners need to be avaided.  One can wear pure cotton gloves (obtained from hardware stores) under rubber gloves. Never wear the rubber gloves directly as it makes one perspire and triggers the condition further.  If you reside in Pretoria, there is wonderful success with the narrow band UVA and UVB lights at Advanced Dermatology.  Isobel has treated many patients successfully, her no is:  012 809 6090.

It is advised not to apply the cortizone neat on the areas, but rather as diluted in the following mixture:  60g Persivate cream mixed into a 500g Jar of the Cream and the mixture can be applied 2 – 3 x p.d.  Still continue with the maintenance in the background. (ie:  Cream/Ointment/Cleansing Bar and Shampoos).  A script will be required for the 60g of Persivate.  A dr may also supply Prednisone tablets to act systemically when severe outbreaks take place. You are welcome to visit us at the Office in Pretoria, or we do send parcels daily from Postnet to Postnet.