Do you have a range for pigmentation?

There are a few products suitable for pigmentation:

The Blemish Lotion and the Blemish Repair. (they can be applied on both the face and limbs)

If required for the facial area, I would suggest you use them with the additional steps in the order as follows, 2 x p.d.

Cleanser, soap free wash face 2 x p.d. and rinse off.

Apply a few drops of the Beta Hydroxy Gel, which tones and exfoliates, leave on

Spray on the Blemish Lotion, protecting the eyes and leave on. This may safely be used for a few months.  

Apply the Blemish Repair on the affected areas only. Leave on. KINDLY NOTE: It should only be applied for 6 weeks continuously, stop for a month and re-apply if required.

Apply the Safari SPF40 Sunscreen, which may also doubles as a day and night moisturiser. A sunscreen must be applied after the Blemish Lotion / and or Blemish Repair.  Regular use of the sunscreen should become a routine.




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