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Good day

I am a female in my mid thirties. Over the last few years I have systematically started struggling with my skin, whereas I have never had problems before. I saw a dermatologist at the beginning of the year about a problem with my scalp that started itching a few years ago, and got so bad that I was on the verge of shaving off all of my hair at the time of seeing the dermatologist. She diagnosed me with scalp psoriasis and suggested I use your coal tar and zinc pyrithione shampoos as well as your eczema and psoriasis ointment on my scalp. This has made a drastic improvement and helps to manage the itchiness, however on some days my scalp still becomes quite itchy.

The last six months or so I have also started struggling with my underarm (armpit) skin. I have always been able to use any type of antiperspirant without problems (I preferred dove antiperspirant), but now I find that any antiperspirant product irritates my skin. I have tried products that is specifically for sensitive skin as well as ones that are hypo allergenic, paraben and fragrance free and ones that claims not to contain any aluminium. They all cause red non-scab rashes on my underarm skin that itches/burns excessively and takes about a month to heal to such a point that it stops itching and burning (after using a product once only).

My major problem is that since giving birth two years ago I tend to sweat a bit more than before, and because I cannot use antiperspirant I tend to start smelling sweaty (the stinky type) quite early in the morning already, which of course makes a lady quite self-conscious. I have also tried using baby/talcum powder and even though it keeps the area dry it doesn’t mask the smell and leaves horrible white patches on the clothing.

Is there a specific product from your range that can assist me with my situation.

I also need to mention that I have no family history of skin problems.

Kind regards

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Thank you for the communication. I am so sorry to hear about the condition, as the skin is such an important part of one’s general health. Firstly continue with the Ointment and 2 shampoos, but if you stay in Pretoria, there is a physiotherapist that worked with dr de Beer (who developed the products), and specialised in Psoriasis and Eczema and does the Narrowband UVB and UVA treatment, Her no is 012 809 6090. She will consult free to explain the treatment, which is unique in providing excellent results. Psoriasis has obviously got the general skin irritated and sensitive, I can advise to wash with the Safari Cleansing Bar as bacteria causes odour and it is antibacterial, and has Zinc to heal. Unfortunately we do not have a deodorant in the range, but can recommend visiting a health shop, besides the range of deodorants, one can even look at the salt sticks they sell. It can be applied like a deodorant, and by eliminating germs, prevents odour. Pls do not hesitate to contact me for any further assistance.
A GP may provide you with a mixture of 60g Persivate (cortizone) mixed into a tub of our Cream (Dry skin moisturiser) This is a safer way to apply cortizone, in a diluted mixture, and can be applied 2 x per day on the scalp as well as the under arm areas. The Ointment will also relieve those areas as it contains an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial base. Before going to bed, ons should apply ointment to the under the arm areas.

christa van vuuren Changed status to publish 2019-08-16
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