Please advise, i want to purchase the range of the products, i am 49 years old, need products that will show a difference, i do not have an acne problem only redness, and blemishes.  I also want a product that will not have a layer after application like a oily layer, the problem i have now is that it seems the products i use currently do not absorb but just have this layer on my skin.

The Products one would start with for your requirements would be the following, in that order and 2x per day:

Cleanser, soapfree wash and rinse off.

Beta Hydroxy Gel, The Fruit Acids act as Toner and ex-foliater, stimulates collagen and improves the texture of the skin.

Advanced Anti-ageing Cell Repair Serum, contains all 3 Polipeptides that penetrate the collagen layer more successfully and help renew and improve cells.

Redness Relief, improves the appearance by neutralising the redness.

Moisturiser with SPF30 OR Safari SPF40 Sunscreen, both serve the purpose of sun protection as well as day and night moisturising.

It is advised to start with the above products in the range to allow for an objective evaluation.