Safari outdoor sunscreen

If you have a sensitive skin, we would rather recommend the Safari  SPF40 sunscreen or the Moisturiser with SPF30, both are recommended for the sensitive skin and both serve as day and night moisturisers too, without blocking pores or causing acne. Babies can also use the SPF40 from 6 months old.  One can then apply […]

Is the paediatric scar cream also for adults

Adults can certainly apply this product too.  It is based on the formula of the Rejuvenating Eye and Scar Serum, with 2 new ingredients, adding value to the healing and scar prevention.  It is always advised to start applying the product soon after injury, surgery or treatment, as it must form part of the healing […]

Are your products recommended for people 50+

The products are most suitable for the 50+ skin.  I would like to recommend the following steps, in this order: Cleanser, soapfree cleanser, wash 2 x per day and rinse well. Advanced Anti-Ageing Cell Repair Serum, which uniquely contains all 3 Polipeptides which penetrate and renew the skin.  Also apply a fingertip over the facial […]

Scar repair creme

Die produk kan veilig oor die hele liggaam gebruik word.  Daar is 2:  Rejuvenating Eye and Scar Serum of die Paediatric Scar Serum.  Die laaste is dieselfde met 2 nuwe bestanddele wat nog meer genesing en letsel voorkoming bevorder.  Dit is baie veeldoelig en kan om die oe en mond vir plooie aangewend word, na […]

Produkte vir kombinasie vel

Dankie vir die skrywe.  Ons beveel graag die volgende stappe aan om mee te begin.  Dit is eers goed om die vel aan die stappe gewoond te maak en daarvolgens die reeks te kan evalueer.  Gebruik hul in hierdie orde: Cleanser, seepvrye wasmiddel,(nie ‘n room nie),was 2 x per dag en spoel goed af. Beta […]

Scar repair

Liewe Mev,   Ons kan beslis die Paediatric Scar Serum aanbeveel, perfek vir sy ouderdom.  Wend 2 x per dag ‘n paar druppels aan en laat aanbly.  Die Safari SPF40 Sunscreen kan ook veilig so ‘n halfuur daarna soggens aangewend word. om te voorkom dat die son nie ook die letsel affekteer nie.  Die Paediadric […]

Sensitive skin / acne prone

The 3 steps are usually the perfect start-up products in the range.  I am sorry that there was a reaction.  I would recommend that you first leave the Beta Hydroxy Gel, which contains Beta Hydroxy Fruit Acids and a very good toner and moisturiser, you may have reacted to the fruit acids.  Continue with the […]

good morning, can I use the scar and rejuvinating serum instead ofthe rejuvinating (matrixal creme) which causes my face to become red and oily, for my wrinkles. I have sensitive skin prone to rosecea.

With Rosacea I would rather recommend the following: Cleanser, (Soapfree).wash 2 x per day and rinse off. Redness Relief, can be applied 2 x per day on the affected areas.  It also has a green component which helps to camouflage the redness and healing. The Rejuvenating Eye and Scar Serum can be tried as the […]

Acne breakout and scars.

I am not sure if you have consulted with a Dermatologist yet, but in our range there are a few products that will add value. Use them in this order: Cleanser/ or Safari Cleansing Bar, (both are soapfree) wash 2 x daily and rinse off. Apply a few drops of the Beta Hydroxy Gel, 2 […]