Ciric Acid

Hello Thank you for bring this to our attention. We are happy to have customers that is well informed regarding ingredients. It should indeed be Citric Acid. It is already seen to and corrected. Many thanks KR  

Pimples in face

Hi, pimples can be frustrating we know. With severe nodules and cysts it is best to see a dermatologist. However, we can recommend the following: 1. Safari Cleansing Bar (anti bacterial) 2. Beta Hydroxy Gel Toner (exfoliating for acne) 3. Facial Moisturizer or Day/Night AHA moisturizer (depending sensitivity) 4. Acne Gel 5. Evening Acne Mask […]

Sequence off application

Hi, always start with the thinnest to the thickest. 1. Cleanser Soap Free 2. Beta Hydroxy Gel (toner that gently exfoliate dead skin cells) 3. Serums penetrate deeper than moisturizers. We would recommend to alternate between die Advanced Anti Aging Serum and the Blemish repair (day and night) Apply the one in the morning and […]

Safe for 12 year old

Hi t hank you for the compliment – it is a great range to use for all skin ages and stages. Yes, your daughter can use the Acne range. 1. Safari Cleansing Bar 2. Beta Hydroxy Gel Toner (optional)t 3. Acne Gel 4. Evening Mask (overnight acne treatment) 5. Moisturizer SPF30 6. Additional: Zinc Skin […]

Deep wrinkels

Hello, diep lyne en plooie word veroorsaak deur die vermindering in kollageen in die vel. Ons produkte bevat bestanddele wat hiermee kan help. Die Advanced Anti Ageing Cell Repair Serum spreek al hierdie uitdagings aan. Dit bevat al 3 matrixyls wat beteken die stimulering is 3x sterker as ander produkte. Dit bevorder die produksie van […]