Burn and Itchy skin

Thank you for the enquiry.  I would highly recommend the Ointment, which was formulated for eczema.  One can apply it as a “soap” rinse off and re-apply as an emolient to soothe the irritation.  Important to also use the correct shampoo, and the Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo is ideal,  It is not harsh on the hair and […]

is it safe to use during pregnancy

It is safe to use during pregnancy, but also look at the Cream (dry skin moisturiser) and the Ointment (for Psoriasis and Eczema) both of them can be used as “soaps”, by applying them, bathing them off and re-applying a few times per day to moisten the dry skin. Use the Coaltar Cream only 2 […]

Slight Rash

Thank you for  the enquiry.  If it is the Day & Night Alpha Moisturiser + 5%, it may be the product causing a rash.  I would rather recommend you stop using it and apply the Ointment (500g jar),for a few days. This can be applied as  a “soap” rinsed off and re-applied to relieve the […]

Cleanser and moisturiser

The products that we would recommend for teenagers are as follows: *Cleanser, soapfree wash, 2 x pd and rinse off. *Beta Hydroxy Gel, toner and ex-folliater.  Apply a few drops on the areas and leave on. Acne Gel, It can be applied on the affected areas at night, and left on.  TAKE CARE: It contains […]

Products i am using

Thank you for replying on the products you have started using.  It appears as if the Day/Night Alpha moisturiser is the product causing the rash.  There are a few people that react to the Alpha hydroxy acids.  Better to do your daily routine a follows: Cleanser,  soapfree, wash face 2 x per day and rinse […]

I have developed a fine rash

I am sorry to learn of the rash.  It is not clear what products you are using in the range. The routine to start with would be the following: Cleanser, soapfree used 2 x per day and rinsed off well Beta Hydroxy Gel, apply a few drops at night and leave on, this is the […]