Severe Whiteheads

Thank you for the enquiry. White heads do require intervention with steaming and possible facial mask. If you reside in Pretoria, we have the Laser Hair and Skin Clinic where Jana can add value. Their no is: 012 343 5512. In our range of products, the following will also add value: Wash 2 x per […]

persivate on babies

Thank you for the inquiry. You are certainly safe and Persivate would be the one by preference. Ask them to mix it into the Creme Classique Cream, dry skin moisturiser. It is also perfume free and contains a mild anti-bacterial agent which relieves any possible secondary infection. Here is some advice for eczema: Bath the […]

Ph Balance of skincare products

Thank you for the inquiry. The human skin has a natural pH balance of 4-6, making it slightly acidic. If one produced all products at a neutral pH which is 7, they would lose efficacy. The pH measurement of products, is limited to aqueous solutions and changes after adding ingredients. One needs to understand the […]

Glycolic a is peel

Thank you for the enquiry about the Glycolic Acid. I would recommend at least an hour. There are many of our clients who actually leave it on overnight, as it should not cause any reaction, being only a 10% concentration. It is a microscopic ex-foliater and visibile peeling is seldom noted, but it provides improved […]

Alopecia Areata

Thank you for the enquiry, The Hair Growth Shampoo may add value, especially the caffeine. There is also a Hair Growth Activator Serum that can be applied on the area every day. The important Vitamins to take are: A,B,C,D,& E and of course the all important Zinc which is very good for skin and hair […]

Is Creme Classique cruelty free /vegan?

Baie dankie vir die navraag en ons kan met trots u inlig dat daar GEEN toetse op diere gedoen is nie. Ons is self baie sensitief oor die navorsing op diere en sou dit dus onder geen omstandighede ondersteun nie. Die reeks is ook vry van enige bestanddele van diere oorsprong, Moenie skroom om ons […]

Oplossing vir ekseem

Dankie vir die navraag en ek stel graag die volgende in die Creme Classique Reeks vir u voor: Daar is 3 produkte waarmee u alternatief kan was: Die Cream (dry skin moisturiser), Ointment (for Psoriasis and eczema) of dan die Safari Cleansing Bar wat seepvry is, zinc vir genesing bevat en ook anti-bakteriele waarde het. […]