Safe during pregnancy

Hello Gizelle, the Creme Classique products are not tested during pregnancy or breastfeeding. It would be best to consult with your gynaecologist to confirm in which tri-mester you can start with your Creme Classique products


Avoid the sun for starters. This disease could cause hypo or hyperpigmentation which means the melanocytes are affected by this disease. (the colour pigment in your skin) It can also cause skin thinning so be careful which medications to use. You should consult your dermatologist regarding this treatment. Products that may help would include ingredients […]

Pityriasis rosea

The expert team are not qualified healthcare professionals. It is a viral disease that can be treated with scheduled products prescribed by your GP or dermatologist. For symptom relief such as itchiness and irritation we can recommend the Dry Skin Moisturizer.