Acne is caused by an excessive reaction of the skin oil glands, due to hormonal influences and may commence before or during puberty. In some cases, it may only start during later life (adult acne or late hormonal acne) and may persist even until menopause if not treated.

The degree of acne may be from minimal black or white heads, oily skin to red spots, pustular or even deep cystic acne. Scarring may take place, persisting for the rest of the person’s life necessitating laser therapy, dermabrasion, chemical peels or Crème Classique® Blemish Lotion.

Boys and girls may be affected on the face, neck, back, chest and upper arms. Aggravating factors are menstruation, ovulation, tension and stress squeezing and tampering the skin, oily skin or acnegenic cosmetics (always use the least cosmetics and if applicable a water base).

Follow this routine twice per day:

  1. Wash the affected areas with Crème Classique® Soap Free Cleanser.
  2. Apply Crème Classique® Acne Gel all over the face. As this preparation contains benzoyl peroxide, it may bleach eye brows, hair, clothing, towels, pillow slips. Try to avoid contact with these
  3. Then apply Crème Classique® Beta Hydroxy Gel. Allow to dry.

Consult your dermatologist:

  • For the appropriate oral treatment if the condition remains: Oral treatment may involve various options like antibiotics or oral Vitamin A derivatives. The dermatologist will guide the patient on the use of this medicine. Some of these medicines may cause side effects like: dry lips, dry eyes and dry skin
  • Visit the Acne Clinic for treatment involving deep cleansing, chemical peeling and removal of blackheads.
  • Do not squeeze or pick acne lesions as this may lead to scarring. New lesions can be treated with Crème Classique® Spot Treatment, to dry them out quickly. To be applied twice or three times daily.

 Treatment of acne scars:

Laser treatment may correct scarring. Consult your dermatologist on how to treat acne scars.

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