I have acne all over my face and also scars from what looked like a skin infection, they’re really stressing me out.

I am not sure if you have consulted with a Dermatologist yet, but in our range there are a few products that will add value.

Use them in this order:

Cleanser/ or Safari Cleansing Bar, (both are soapfree) wash 2 x daily and rinse off.

Apply a few drops of the Beta Hydroxy Gel, 2 x per day,  this tones, ex-foliates, stimulates collagen and improves acne. Leave on

Apply a few drops of the Acne Gel on the affected areas.  This helps dry out and heal acne.  (this can be applied for a few times a week and need not become a permanent part of the routine. NB:  Take care not to spill on clothing as it may bleach.

Apply the Evening Mask as night and leave on overnight.  This really helps the healing of acne.  When this is applied at night, a moisturiser is not applied too.  Once the acne improves, it can be applied when there are flare-ups

A few times a week one can also apply the Glycolic acid peel.  Leave on an hr or two and rinse off. This is a deep ex-foliater which improves the quality of the skin and texture.

For moisturising, which is also necessary with acne, apply the Moisturiser with SPF30, morning and night.  It does not block pores or cause acne.

Additionally the Zinc, Skin and Hair Capsules also help with healing, one can take 2 with breakfast.