Please suggest something to clear my acne,its white and very sore.It gets worse by the day

Thank you for the enquiry.  There are a few products that will certainly contribute to improvement.  For severe acne it may be advised to consult a Dermatologist to possible add a script to systemically treat the condition too.

Use the following in this order:

Cleanser, soapfree face wash, 2 x pd and rinse off well.

Beta hydroxy Gel, it becomes the Toner and ex-foliater, apply a few drops 2 x pd and leave on. It helps stimulate collagen and  improves acne.

Acne Gel, apply 2 x pd on affected areas, leave on, kindly note it contains Benzoyl Peroxide which can stain clothing.

Zinc Skin & Hair Capsules, take 2 in the morning.  Zinc is very healing and improves acne significantly.

Evening Mask,  Apply at night and leave on.  It is rinsed off in the morning.

The Facial Moisturiser provides a non greasy/ non acne forming day and night moisturiser, it also has a mild anti-bacterial content for healing.  NOTE:  If the Evening mask is applied, one need not apply a moisturiser, but in the morning one will go through the routine of cleaning etc. and lastly apply the Moisturiser.  One can apply make-up afterwards.

As a good sunscreen, one can consider the Safari SPF40 which is also non acne forming.