My daughter is 20 years old and has permanent acne – spots all over her face, and we have tried many products. We bought the

following products, but we just want to know in which order to use as well as how often.

  • Soapfree Cleanser
  • Acne Gel
  • Evening Mask
  • Spot treatment
  • Blemish lotion
  • Glycolic acid peel
  • We could not get the Beta hydroxy gel, but will be getting that too. Not sure about which moisturiser to use. She has a light complex and her skin might be a little sensitive.
  • Would appreciate you setting out the morning and evening routines – in order of use and whether to aplly to complete face or only affected areas.
  • Not sure when and how to apply spot treatment (only affected areas?), as well as acne gel (only affected areas?) and blemish lotion (only affected areas?)
  • My other daughter is 15 years old and just has the normal teenage acne breakouts. Would cleanser, beta hydroxy gel and moisturiser (which one?) be good enough for her, or does she require any other products?

Thank you for the enquiry.  i would recommend the following order (including the Beta Hydroxy Gel and recommended moisturiser:

Cleanser, soapfree and wash 2 x per day and rinse off well.

Beta Hydroxy Gel, apply 2 x per day a few drops over the whole face and leave on.

Acne Gel is to be applied on the white/blackheads areas and can be applied for about 2 weeks, 1 x per day.  Kindly note that it contains Benzoyl Peroxide and may stain clothing.

The Spot Treatment is applied on individual acne spots, up to 2 x per day.

Blemish Lotion can be applied at night on the acne areas and left on.

The Glycolic Acid is a “home peel” and can be applied at night a few times per week, left on for an hour and rinsed off.  This provides deeper ex-foliation and improves the texture.

The recommended day/night moisturisers are the Safari SPF40 Sunscreen or the Moisturiser with SPF30.  Both act as sunscreens, as well as moisturisers, without blocking pores or causing further acne.

The younger daughter can safely use the following:

Cleanser (2 x per day), Beta Hydroxy Gel (2 x per day), Safaris SPF 40 (2 x per day).  This can become her successful routine.



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