Can you recommend any of your products?

Thank you for the enquiry.  We would like to recommend the following products in this order:

Cleanser (soap free) and Safari Cleansing Bar (soap free and anti-bacterial), wash alternatively 2 x per day and rinse off.

Beta Hydroxy Gel, as toner and exfoliater, apply 2 x per day afterwards and leave on.

Acne Gel, apply a few times per week on all affected areas and leave on.  Take care to prevent staining clothes.

Evening Mask, apply at night on all affected areas and leave on overnight.

The Cream, dry skin moisturiser, is a good moisturiser without blocking pores or causing further acne.

Addtionally, the Zinc, skin and hair supplement capsules promotes healing and 2x taken at breakfast.

For sunscreen, the Safari SPF40 is recommended as it also contains a moisturiser and does not block pores.  It may be applied safely on the face too.