So I started my antibiotic treatment in Feb and I am still on it. I haven’t started using any peroxides topically. But I am afraid is it too late to start, I do not want the bacteria resistance.

Jenna deleted answer 2018-06-22

Thank you for the communication.  The only product in our range that contains Benzoyl Peroxide, is the Acne Gel, which works for black and white heads. It can be used in combination with anti-biotics, but consider the following steps, in this order, which will add great value:

Cleanser, soapfree wash, apply a few drops, wash with warm water and rinse off – 2 x per day.

Beta Hydroxy Gel, this becomes the toner and ex-foliater and is very good for acnee.  Apply a few drops twice per day on the face and leave on.

Safari SPF 40  can then be applied morning and night as a moisturiser and also serves as a sunscreen.  It does not cause acnee or block pores.

First evaluate the skin after using these products and then we will advise further.




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