I am 40 and have a lot of pigmentation and still occasional breakout. I a man using the soap free cleanser followed by beta hydroxy gel, advanced anti aging and then alpha plus moisturizer. I would like to also use blemish control since the other products have worked so well.

how do I combine it best with the other products and how to best use it?

I am glad that the products are working well.

It seems as if you are using them in the correct order and would like to suggest the following:

Cleanser, Beta Hydroxy Gel, then apply the Blemish Lotion (it can be used for a longer period and later the Blemish Repair), then the Advanced Anti-ageing Cell Repair Serum.

Lastly rather apply the Moisturiser with SPF30 or the Safari SPF 40 Sunscreen.  Both are excellent day and night moisturisers as well as providing adequate sun protection. Further harm from the sun,that forms more pigmentation, can then be prevented.

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