Good day,

I’m 33yrs old with brown blemishes on both cheeks. What product can i use?


Thank you for the enquiry and there are products in the range that can add value: I would suggest the following:

Wash 2 x per day with the Cleanser (soapfree), rinse off.
Apply a few drops of the Beta Hydroxy Gel over the face and neck. This is the toner and ex-foliater and stimulates collagen and improves the quality of the skin and blemishes.
Glycolic Acid. Apply a few nights per week and leave on for 1 -2 hrs. This acts as a microscopic peel and improves the texture.
The Blemish Lotion is in a spray bottle. Spray 2 x per day on the areas and leave on. This is good to lighten pigmentation and blemishes. Leave on.
It is important to apply a sunscreen/moisturiser afterwards and either the Safari SPF40 Sunscreen or the Moisturiser with SPF30. Leave on and make-up can be applied over that.