Good day,

After a partial hysterectomy I started to experience itchy and burn sensation on my face and neck only.  I have a problem with eczema and not sure if it returned.  I have tried creams prescribed by dermatologists but nothing is helping.  Not sure if this is hormone related.  Will the ointment cream help?  My face is also breaking out in pimples and no one is helping me to resolve this.

Thank you for the enquiry.  I would highly recommend the Ointment, which was formulated for eczema.  One can apply it as a “soap” rinse off and re-apply as an emolient to soothe the irritation.  Important to also use the correct shampoo, and the Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo is ideal,  It is not harsh on the hair and may even be used daily.  As a further moisturiser the Cream (dry skin moisturiser) may be used 2 per day. One can safely use the Safari Cleansing Bar, which is soafree, anti-bacterial and contains zinc for healing.@ x per day will be safe. We will gladly further advise once the above suggestion has brought relief.  You should find the range at Pharmacies or we may send a parcel.