What products can I get for a teenager boy with few blackheads on nose with an overall good skin condition?

The products that we would recommend for teenagers are as follows:

*Cleanser, soapfree wash, 2 x pd and rinse off.

*Beta Hydroxy Gel, toner and ex-folliater.  Apply a few drops on the areas and leave on.

Acne Gel, It can be applied on the affected areas at night, and left on.  TAKE CARE: It contains Benzoyl Peroxide and may bleach clothes

Evening Mask, apply and leave on overnight, rinse off next morning with the cleanser.  This is done a few nights in a row, but does not form part of the permanent routine)

*Safari SPF40 Sunscreen is then applied for moisture and sun protection.  It does not block pores or cause further acne.

  • * these 3 products provide a perfect daily routine, with the other 2 applied a few times per week, adding value.
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