My daughter is 2 months old and her skin is very dry. My 9 year old son uses Classique ointment before and after bathing and my husband uses Classique creme. I tried using ointment for her baths but all becomes slippery with water and I am scared she slips off my hands and get hurt.

kindly assist

Thank you for the enquiry.  Both the Ointment as well as the Cream are ideal to use as “soap” before bathing and after drying the little one to apply either again. Maybe place a towel over the arm that supports the baby when bathing and thereby providing a non-slip support. The Bath Oil can also be added into the bathwater, no more that a cap at a time.  The Safari Cleansing Bar is soapfree and may offer an alternative to the ointment before bathing.  Moisturise the baby well then after the bath with the cleansing bar and do not keep her in the water for a long time. The baby’s hair can also be washed with the Cleansing Bar. The little one can be raised on these products and avoid bubble baths, shampoos and commercial soaps that may irritate the condition.

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