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i have Both eczema and acne on my face and back.what would be your best recommendation

There are a few in the Range that will improve both conditions. Use as follows:

Wash the face/body with either the Safari Cleansing Bar (soapfree and non-irritating) or / and the Cream (dry skin moisturiser), apply rinse off and re-apply the Cream as Moisturiser, safe on the face and whole body both are also anti-bacterial. NB this can be done a few times per day.

The Zinc Pyrithione shampoo is also excellent for eczema, as well as acnee.  Use daily and allow it to remain on for a little while  and rinse off.

The Ointment (eczema and psoriasis) can also be used as a soap, rinsed off and re-applied, although more “greasy” does not block pores and acts as an excellent emolient for eczema.

Evening Mask can be applied on the acnee areas and left on overnight to heal and dry the acnee.

The Safari SPF40 Sunscreen is a safe sunscreen and day and night moisturiser for eczema and safe for acnee as it does not irritate, cause acnee or block pores.

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