I have had eczema since I was a baby I am now in my 30s. It flares up once in a while and especially when the weather changes. I have been using aqueous cream, non fragrant and colorant free. I am afraid to use over the counter products as they can be harsh. The eczema is on my face and sometimes lips. It itches and burns if I sweat. I want to try your products but I want to know which products I should use daily and still be able to walk in the sun without the fear of skin damage?

Thank you for the request to assist.

We have a few products that will add value and improve the condition.

I would like to first inform you of trigger factors that can be avoided to bring relief:  Stress, water (have quick showers), commercial soaps, bubble baths, heat, as it causes perspiration which also irritates, synthetic materials, preferably wear cotton,  Diet has no effect on the condition, avoid strong perfumes.

One can wash with the Safari Cleansing Bar, it is soapfree and also has zinc and anti-bacterial value.  The Cream and the Ointment can be used as “soap”, by applying it, rinse off and apply (either) again.It is mildly anti-.bacterial to aids healing. Again apply either the Cream or the Ointment to moisturise the skin.  Rather avoid acqueos cream. These are both anti-bacterial for when possible secondary infection occurs.  There is also a Coaltar Cream which can be applied 2 x per day.  The safe sunscreen is the Safari SPF40 and should not irritate the skin and also contains a moisturiser.

If a severe flare-up occurs, one can obtain a script from your GP for the following mixture:

60g Persivate cream

500g Creme Classique Cream

This is mixed together by the pharmacist and applied 2 – 3 times per day.  Always safe not to apply cortisone “neat” on the skin and rather in this diluted mixture which can be used longer.  Stop when condition has calmed down and keep mixture in a cool place to use again if a flare-up takes place,  The dr may also give a script for Prednisone tablets to take only during a flare-up.

Thirdly there is wonderful success with the Narrowband Ultraviolet A & B Light treatment done by the physiotherapist Isobel at Advanced Dermatology in Pretoria.  It takes a few treatments.  Her tel no for a free consultation :  012 809 6090.



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