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Thank you for the enquiry about Eczema treatment.  We have quite a few products in the range specifically for the treatment of Eczema.

As background, there are a few types, but usually the Atopic Eczema. It  is genetic and has an allergy link too.  Diet does not play a part in prevention or treatment.  There are Environmental factors that also trigger the condition and should be avoided:  Stress, if avoidable. Water, preferably quick baths or showers. Avoid soaps, bubble baths, shampoos and cleaning materials.Wear cotton clothing rather than synthetics. Grass, sand and dust mytes.

In the range use the following:

Bath with the Safari Cleansing Bar, it is soapfree and has zinc in too for healing.  One can also apply the Ointment (for eczema and psoriasis) as a “soap” bath it off and re-apply it to keep the skin moisturised.  The Cream (dry skin moisturiser) can be used the same. Apply either the ointment or the Cream a few times a day. It is important to wash the hair with the Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo as it is very healing and will not trigger the Eczema as it falls over the body. One may use it as often as one usually washes hair. There is also a Coaltar Cream which can be applied up to 2x p.d. on the affected areas.  Using Cortizone neat on the skin may have harmful effects, but rather ask a dr for a prescription for Persivate in the following way:

60g Persivate (ie: 4 x 15g tubes) can be mixed into a 500g Jar of Cream and safely applied in a diluted  form, 2 x p.d. untill the condition gets better, Place the mixture in a cool place untill other flare-ups appear and re-apply.


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