Hi, what is y best option. I have a patch on my ankle and a patch on my hand. It itches all the time. It is scarred as well. Sometimes if I scratch till it bleeds I get a bit or liquid that comes out mixed with a bit of blood. What is this and what can I use?

Primarily, one should consult a Dermatologist, especially if it is due to possible previous scarring which may have caused killoids. They tend to become itchy too.  Recommended for scar improvement is the Rejuvenating Eye and Scar serum, which should be applied on the areas 2 x per day.  Also helpful is the Cream (dry skin moisturiser) and also the Ointment (psoriasis and eczema).  These 2 can be applied as “soaps” washed off and re-applied. It is also important to prevent sunburn on the areas, by applying the Safari SPF40 sunscreen.