Good day,just enquiring if i can use the facial mask after steaming during the day instead of the evening as I have small bumps on my face and I’m not sure what’s the cause?

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Thank you for the enquiry.  You may apply the mask in the day.  Leave it on for a while though as it heals and dries out especially acne.  Afterwards, wash with the Cleanser (soapfree), rinse off, apply a few drops of the Beta Hydroxy Gel, for toning, ex-foliating and improving acne and skin texture.

Lastly apply either the Moisturiser with SPF30 (which acts as a day/night moisturiser as well as a sunscreen) Or the Facial Moisturiser if you do not want an added sunscreen.  Both will not block pores or cause acne.

Additionally, you may use the Glycolic acid peel a few times a week too.  Leave on for approx. an hour, wash off and apply either of the moisturisers.  It provides deeper peeling and improves the skin texture.

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