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I just bought your glycolic acid peel. I’m currently using a vitamin C serum at night. When I can I use my glycolic acid peel? I know they aren’t supposed to be used together as they rendered useless, please advise

Also, I have an uneven texture as well as large pores and marks, I’m dry skin only slight oily on the nose. How do I create an even skin tone and smoothen my face? My dryness has been helped due to face wash and moisturizer I now use

I use the cetaphil face wash, toner, cetaphil moisturizer dry skin ( morning)

Night – same face wash, toner, vitamin C serum (Solal) and now I added your glycolic acid twice a week.

Is their another serum or something I should take out?

Thank you for your time

Taahira Asked question 2020-08-26

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