There are a few trigger factors that can cause the eczema, besides being genetic and allergy related.

Stress, long exposure to water, take quick baths/showers, chemicals, heat, perspiration, soaps/bubble baths, nylon clothing (preferably cotton), to name a few.  Diet has little value and seldom will food cause eczema.

Products in our range that will improve the condition:

Wash the face (and body) with the Safari Cleansing Bar. It is soapfree, also has zinc for healing.  One may also apply either the Cream(dry skin moisturiser) or the Ointment (for psoriasis and eczema) as a “soap”, rinse off and re-apply (either) as an emolient and moisturiser.   The Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo is also valuable to wash hair with as it will improve the condition.  Take care to avoid shampoo in the eyes,  The Safari SPF 40 is a good sunscreen which should not irritate eczema.

For further treatment a dr may prescribe the following mixture:

60 g Persivate cream (it is a cortizone) Let the pharmacist mix it (4 x 15g tubes),  mixed into a 500g tub of Cream.  It is always advisable to apply cortizone on the face in a diluted form and not too long.  This mixture can be applied 2x pd and when the skin improves, keep it aside for when it flares up again,  It has a good shelflife. Do not continue with cortizone for long periods.


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