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I have bought the glycolic acid peel and would like to know how to apply it on my face. How should I prepare my face for the peel and what should I do to remove the peel.


Cindy Asked question 2019-11-23

Thank you for the correspondence about the Product.

The product can be applied a few nights per week:

One can first wash with the Cleanser (soapfree), rinse off well.
Apply the Glycolic Acid Peel on the whole face and neck, avoidthe areas too close to the eyes. It can safely be left on for an hour and simply rinsed off with water.
Thereafter one can apply the Moisturiser with SPF30/ or the Facial Moisturiser.
The Glycolic Acid serves as a deeper exfoliater and improves the quality of the appearance and texture of the skin.

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