It is the ideal age to get into a good routine to prevent further sun damage and act against the effect of ageing.  i would like to recommend the following products, in this order:

Cleanser, soapfree, wash 2 x per day and rinse off.

Beta Hydroxy Gel, this is the toner and ex-foliater and apply a few drops after the wash (2x per day), on the whole face and neck, avoiding area close to the eyes.  Leave on. This stimulates the collagen too and also improves the texture of the skin.

Advanced Anti-ageing Cell Repair Serum, apply morning and night on the whole face and neck.  It contains all 3 Polipeptides which scientifically penetrate the collagen better and promote healing and rejuvenation.

Moisturiser with SPF30, becomes the moisturiser and sunscreen, is applied morning and night.

It is recommended to first settle in with the 4 steps and then we can advise further.






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