I am 60 years old and would like to know which products to use. Could I start with the Advanced Anti-Ageing Serum while still using my other products from another South African brand and then slowly phase them out.

Nellie Vosloo Answered question 2020-04-17

2 Answers

Thank you for the question.  You may certainly start with the Advanced Anti-Ageing Cell Repair Serum with your regular products.  It should be applied after the Cleanser and Toner and left on.   It is a unique product because as it contains all 3 Polipeptides which successfully penetrate the collagen deeper to stimulate renewal.  It should also be applied 2x per day.  To truly evaluate a product it should preferably be used with the balance in the range, but maybe when you have finished them, we can advise what else to apply. It will also add value at 60.

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