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One should consult a Dermatologist for the circles under the eyes, as they may help with a Vit A & K preparation. Cortisone should be avoided.

For the blackheads there are a few products suitable.  Use in this order:

*Cleanser, soapree, wash 2 x per day and only one to rinse off.

*Beta Hydroxy Gel, toner and ex-foliater, apply a few drops on face and neck and leave on.

Acne Gel, contains Benzoyl Peroxide and may stain clothes, apply 2 x per day, if a sensitivity arises, rinse off.

Evening Mask, apply at night and leave on overnight. Heals and minimises acnee.

*Zinc Skin and Hair supplement, 2 x capsules per day in the morning.  Zinc is very healing too.

*Moisturiser with SPF30 OR Safari SPF40 Sunscreen, both are sunscreens and double up as day and night moisturisers, without causing  further acnee or blocking pores.

*These are part of the permanent routine and the other may be used for a week or two or a few days per week at a time.