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I have been using your range for about a week now bt ive developed it fine rash that burns during cleasing.

I am sorry to learn of the rash.  It is not clear what products you are using in the range.

The routine to start with would be the following:

Cleanser, soapfree used 2 x per day and rinsed off well

Beta Hydroxy Gel, apply a few drops at night and leave on, this is the toner and ex-foliater.

Either the Safari SPF40 Sunscreen OR the Moisturiser with SPF 30. Both are also day and night moisturisers as well as providing sun protection.

The one, of the 3 products above, that may cause a slight sensitivity, could be the Beta Hydroxy Gel.

If you have obtained more products, the other one that may cause a rash is the Day/Night Alpha Moisturiser plus+.

Stop using the 2 steps and apply the neutral Facial Moisturiser for a few days.  It will help if you inform us exactly what steps you are applying.

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