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It is always advised to commence with a good facial routine with the onset of acne to prevent possible scarring, which is possible at 16.  For the scarring one should consult with a Dermatologist, but from the Creme Classique Range I will recommend the following:  ( 2 x per day and in this order):

Cleanser, soapfree wash and to be rinsed off.

Beta Hydroxy Gel, toner and microscopic exfoliater and very good for the treatment of acne. a few drops on the whole face and other acne areas.

Acne Gel, contains Benzoal Peroxide and helps dry acne and blackheads. (It may bleach clothing). This product may be used for a few days per week only.

Zinc Skin and Hair Capsules, Zinc is very healing and 2 capsules should be taken daily.

Evening Mask, this may be applied for a few evenings per week and kept on overnight.

Safari SPF40 Sunscreen, this is suitable as a day and night moisturiser, as well as a good sunscreen.  NOTE:  If the Acne Gel or Evening Mask is applied, the moisturiser will be skipped and again applied after the wash.