dear DR

I am 42 yrs lady old started with your products soapfree beta hydro and day/night moisture plus(AHA) and clycolic peel, I developed a rush that is itchy and burning how can I remedy this and how long will it take to go away, also my skin is breaking like it is super dry! wrinkling etc.

am desperate

Looking at the spectrum of products that you have applied, I would eliminate 3 of them to allow the skin to calm.  The Alpha Day and Night Plus can rarely cause a reaction. With stopping that rather also discontinue the Beta Hydroxy and the Glycolic Acid Peel.  Very important that you apply a moisturiser as well as the following:  The 500g Ointment can be applied like a “soap” to wash the face and re-apply again afterwards, it has anti-inflammatory value too. You may use this a few times per day to soothe the skin.  Continue with the following routine:  Cleanser soapfree wash, Facial Moisturiser (also very soothing and then the Safari SPF40 Sunscreen.  Rather focus on                  achieving more moisture and permanently eliminate the Day/Night Alpha Moisturiser plus.  Much later one can start with the Beta Hydroxy Gel as a toner and ex-foliater (at night).  The Glycolic acid can also then be applied one night a week as a further exfoliator and texture improvement.

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