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good day,

I’ve started to use the Crème classique range: face wash, day/nigh cream and safari day/night cream. My skin on face started to look like a allergic reaction. Now it is red, dry skin and lots of pimples- I’ve never experience something like this.

Can you please guide me to fix my skin?

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2 Answers

I appears as if the Day/Night Moisturiser is the product that may have caused a reaction.  Kindly eliminate and use the Ointment as a “soap”, rinse and re-apply till better.  Thereafter you may start using the Cream as a day and night moisturiser on an ongoing basis. They are both safe for the use on the face.

I am so sorry to learn about the reaction and would like to suggest eliminating the Day/Night Alpha Moisturiser which may be the one causing a reaction.  The Ointment in a 500g jar can provide good relief by being used as a “soap”, washed off and re-applied.  Continue with this until improved.