I’ve recently purchased the Acne Gel and the Beta Hydroxy Gel and Im not sure which order to use them? Can I use them both at the same time? How long will it take to see results?

Thank you for the question.  The Acne Gel is specifically formulated for the treatment of  black and whiteheads and can be applied for up to 2 weeks at a time, or thereafter a few times a week. It is to applied just after the Cleanser in the Permanent routine:

*Cleanser, wash 2x per day and rinse off.

Acne Gel, apply 2 x per day and leave on.

*Beta Hydroxy Gel, apply a few drops 2 x p.d.on face and leave on, as toner and ex-foliater.

*Either:  Moisturiser with SPF30 OR Safari Sunscreen SPF40 as day and night Moisturiser and Sunscreen.

* Regular Routine.

Also Very good for Acne is the Evening Mask and the Zinc Skin and Hair supplement. 2 Capsules can be taken in the morning, as Zinc is very healing and the Evening Mask can be applied a few nights per week after the Beta Hydroxy Gel, but skip the Moisturiser on those evenings