So if I have breakouts because of PCOS, it is best to first see a dermatologist then to consider using these products?

It is always recommended that one consults with a Dermatologist, when the underlying problem could be hormonal.  Complimenting the possible script products, there are quite a few from the Range that will add value.  Use them in this order:

*Cleanser, soapree wash 2 x p.d. and only one to rinse off.

*Beta Hydroxy Gel, toner and ex-foliater, apply a few drops on face and neck and leave on.

*Blemish Lotion, helps heal pigmentation and marks left by acne, apply 2 x p.d.,(take care to close eyes while applying)

Rejuvenating Eye and Scar serum, promotes healing and improve scarring, apply 2 x p.d.

Evening Mask, can be applied a few nights per week and left on overnight to dry and heal acne,

Spot Treatment, can be applied on individual acnee as they appear.

*Moisturiser with SPF30, OR Safari SPF40 Sunscreen, apply lastly, for sun protection as well as day and night moisturiser.

*These products form part of the permanent daily routine, the other can be used a few times per week as required.