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hi my baby is 6 months and I have been using a mixture of rapivate and aqua unfragraced for his rash,yesterday I went to the another pharmacy the pharmacist said they do not have rapivate so she is going to mix with persivate,saying rapivate and persivate is the same,is it true?dont want to damage my baby skin. she mixed 15g persivate with 500ml container of aqua.

Ntombi Asked question 2019-11-06

Thank you for the inquiry. You are certainly safe and Persivate would be the one by preference. Ask them to mix it into the Creme Classique Cream, dry skin moisturiser. It is also perfume free and contains a mild anti-bacterial agent which relieves any possible secondary infection.

Here is some advice for eczema:
Bath the baby with the Ointment (for eczema and psoriasis), apply and wash off, it can be re-applied and will help improve the condition. The Cream (plain without Persivate) can also be used as an emolient by applying a few times per day and whenever the nappy is changed. The Mixture by the Pharmacist with the Persivate, can be applied 2 x per day. If the conditions clears, you can put aside the Mixture and continue with the Ointment and Cream. Whenever there is a flare-up, one can continue applying the Mixture again 2 x per day till better.

A few external factors that worsen the condition: water, bath quickly, dry off and apply the emolients. Keep baby cool and in shade. Dress baby in cotton and avoid nylon materials. Also avoid commercial soaps and shampoos. When the little one gets bigger, avoid playing in water or sand.

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