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I have stubborn whiteheads and redness, pigmentation and been on roacctuane twice in my life, once in high school and again as a 29 year old adult. My pores are highly congested. Im using the creme classique range( was with Dr Hardie before he passed away). Tell me how important is the ph balance of skincare products for acne prone skine? The creme classique range contains many alpha and beta hydroxy acids. How does this affect the ph balance of acne prone skin? Whats the ph value of the creme classique skincare range( please name each product and provide the ph value – cleanser, beta hydroxy gel etc.) thank you

Abigail Alcock Asked question 2019-10-26

Thank you for the inquiry. The human skin has a natural pH balance of 4-6, making it slightly acidic. If one produced all products at a neutral pH which is 7, they would lose efficacy. The pH measurement of products, is limited to aqueous solutions and changes after adding ingredients. One needs to understand the pH of every individual ingredient and its part in the overall formulation when developing Cosmetic products.

I unfortunately do not have the exact pH value of every product, but as mentioned by you, the Beta Hydroxy Gel contains Beta Hydroxy acids and the Day/Night Alpha Moisturiser + contains Alpha Hydroxy acids which are important ingredients for renewal and anti-ageing. I would like to recommend that you consult a beautician for the congestion and white heads, as steaming, cleansing and a peel can add great value. If by chance you live in Pretoria, Jana is on site with us and her no is: 012 343 5512.

In the range, the following products can add value:
Cleanser (soapfree), wash 2 x per day and rinse well.pH 5-7.
Beta Hydroxy Gel, apply a few drops 2 x per day as toner and ex-foliater, also stimulates collagen and improves acne. Leave on
Zinc skin and hair capsules, take 2 in the morning with breakfast for healing.
The Glycolic Acid Peel can be applied a few nights per week for about an hour and rinsed off. It enhances the appearance end texture with deeper ex-foliation.
The Evening Mask provides improvement for acne and can be left on overnight. Note, not to apply a moisturiser after that.
The Facial Moisturiser provides day and night moisturising without blocking pores or causing acne.

I hope this will suffice.

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