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Hi i am 36 and i have severe pimples in my face. It comes and goes but each time it looks and feels worse. They look like sores, big, red and they hurt. I also have red spots and veins please help i feel so self conscious and have tried so many things.

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Hi, pimples can be frustrating we know. With severe nodules and cysts it is best to see a dermatologist. However, we can recommend the following:
1. Safari Cleansing Bar (anti bacterial)
2. Beta Hydroxy Gel Toner (exfoliating for acne)
3. Facial Moisturizer or Day/Night AHA moisturizer (depending sensitivity)
4. Acne Gel
5. Evening Acne Mask – my personal favourite
6. Zinc Skin and Hair Supplements.
Additional you could try the Spot Treatment that has soothing properties.

The red spots and veins I would recommend you see a dr. Red spots can be anything from eczema to acne.

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