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i Started using the Glycolic Acid peel in conjunction with the cleanser and acne gel a few weeks ago, which has worked great. about a month later i went out and bought the blemish repair, evening mask, blemish lotion as well as the beta hydroxy gel… i now have all these products but i am not sure how best to use them as a combination as the blemish repair seems to be something to use on its own and i dont want to risk damaging my skin

please could you share some advice on the best way to use all these products?

jo.randall21 Asked question 2019-09-05

Thank you for the enquiry, I would like to suggest the following:

Firstly wash 2 x per day with the Cleanser(soapfree)and the only step that gets rinsed off.
Then apply a few drops of Beta Hydroxy Gel, which becomes the toner and ex-foliater, leave on.
Apply the Blemish Lotion by spraying on pigmented or scarred areas. Leave on.
*Apply the Acne Gel on the affected areas with acne. Leave on.
*The Evening Mask can be applied on all the areas with acne and left on overnight, later, a few times per week.
*The Glycolic Acid Peel can be applied a few nights per week for additional deeper ex-foliation
It is important to always apply a moisturiser,even with acne. Either the Safari SPF40 Sunscreen or the Moisturiser with SPF30 can be applied, both supplying moisture as well as sun protection.

Make-up can be applied afterwards

The Blemish Repair is actually for pigmented brown sunspots (facial or on limbs). I would not recommend it with the above regime and is a product that may only be applied for up to 6 weeks. All the other steps are safe and one can work out a routine where the three products marked with * can be applied when required, the other in a daily routine. Pls do not hesitate to contact us if the above is not clear. .

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