Which products will help acne rosacea?

One should start by consulting a Dermatologist for the Rosacea, but there are a few products in the Range that will add value.  Use them in this order:

*Cleanser, soapfree wash 2 x p.d. and only one to rinse off.

*Beta Hydroxy Gel, apply a few drops 2 x p.d.and leave on, it becomes the toner and ex-foliater.

*Moisturiser with SPF 30, Provides necessary sunscreen as well as becomes a day and night moisturiser

Evening Mask, can be applied a few nights per week, leave on, then skip the moisturiser and complete routine in morning.

Spot Treatment, can be applied on individual acnee as they start.

    * These form part of the permanent daily routine.
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