Hi , i would like to enquire about products which reduce the appearance of dark marks cause by hormonal acne

Herewith products that will add value:  All used 2x p.d. and in this order:

Cleanser,  soap free wash and only one to rinse off.

Beta Hydroxy Gel, toner and ex-foliater and collagen stimulant, very good for acnee. Apply a few drops and leave on.

Blemish Lotion, can also be used on the limbs for blemishes. Spray on and leave, close eyes while applying.

Glycolic Acid, provides axtra ex-foliation and is also a microscopic peel.

Rejuvenating Eye and Scar Serum, this product  has healing properties, and improves the skin texture.

Safari SPF40 Sunscreen, provides sunprotection as well as day and night moisturising, without causing acnee.