I am using Creme Classique Cleanser  , then apply blemish lotion and apply Day / Night Alpha Moisturise Plus. I do this routine twice a day. I do not have acne but my wish was to get an even skin tone. I am mostly in doors.

Thank you for replying on the products you have started using.  It appears as if the Day/Night Alpha moisturiser is the product causing the rash.  There are a few people that react to the Alpha hydroxy acids.  Better to do your daily routine a follows:

Cleanser,  soapfree, wash face 2 x per day and rinse off well.

Blemish Lotion, can be applied 2 x per day and left on.

Safari Sunscreen SPF40 OR the Moisturiser with SPF30 as day and night moisturisers and sunscreens.

Once the skin settles in with the above 3 products we can advise further.


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