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Good day, i have an overall good skin.  I am 40 years old.  I have a bit of redness on my chin and around my nose, not too much.  My pores are a little bit big.  What would you suggest i use?

christa van vuuren Answered question 2021-01-19

Good day

Redness can be due to an inflammatory skin reaction or skin prone to redness. Wearing a mask is also not ideal seeing our skin is not use to this foreign object suddenly creating a different environment for all kinds of skin conditions.

Your concern seems to be the enlarged pores. Enlarged pores happens over time. It could be a number of factors where skin hygiene plays the biggest role.

The Evening Acne Mask and Glycolic Acid Peel 10% could assist with this concern to loosen the clog and exfoliate the epidermis by mode of action from the fruit acids in the product. Not suitable for sensitive skin types or use with caution.

christa van vuuren Answered question 2021-01-19