Good morning ,


I have started using your product range  on Sunday.

Morning and night –  Cleanser free soap , Beta Hydroxy Gel and the moisturiser with SPF 30 .

Since Tuesday my skin is dry , itching and has red patches .

I have stopped using the gel , but can’t really feel a difference.

Can I suggest what products I must use , or is it not suitable for my skin .


Thank you

The 3 steps are usually the perfect start-up products in the range.  I am sorry that there was a reaction.  I would recommend that you first leave the Beta Hydroxy Gel, which contains Beta Hydroxy Fruit Acids and a very good toner and moisturiser, you may have reacted to the fruit acids.  Continue with the facial wash, rinse off well and apply the Moisturiser with SPF30.  The Ointment (500g jar) can provide excellent relief after a reaction.  Apply 2 – 3x per day till clear.  The Facial Moisturiser (no sun factor or fruit acids) can also be a good non-allergenic moisturiser. Allow the skin to settle in with these before the Beta Hydroxy Gel is re-applied on a trial.

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