I suffer from acne blackheads and pigmentation. In what order should I apply the following products. Acne gel, night mask,blemish repair, blemish lotion and beta hydroxy gel.

May I kindly suggest the following:


*Wash with the Cleanser 2 x pd and rinse off.

*Apply a few drops of the Beta Hydroxy Gel on all affected areas and leave on.  This acts as toner and ex-foliater and very healing for acne.

Then the Acne Gel, take care of the clothing as it may stain.

Leave the Blemish Repair. (It is more for “old age spots” on arms and legs)

*Apply the Blemish lotion (2 x pd) on the pigmented areas and leave on. Close eyes while applying.

At night the Evening Mask is then applied and left on.

There are 3 last options for moisturising, which does not block pores or cause acne:

*Safari SPF40 Sunscreen (also provides Day and Night Moisturising.

OR* Moisturiser with SPF 30

OR* Facial Moisturiser.

Additionally one can drink 2x Zinc Skin and Hair Capsules in the morning with breakfast, zinc being very healing.

  • These steps will become part of the permanent routine after improvement, but the rest may be added with flare ups. Note, while using the Evening Mask, skip the moisturiser at night.