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I bought the Soap free cleanser, Day Night Alpha Moisturizer plus, Beta Hydroxy gel, Cell renewal serum, Rejuvenating eye & scar serum and Blemish repair as well as the sunscreen.

In which order should I apply it?

My main concern is pigmentation and aging

Susan Asked question 2020-01-10

Hi, always start with the thinnest to the thickest.
1. Cleanser Soap Free
2. Beta Hydroxy Gel (toner that gently exfoliate dead skin cells)
3. Serums penetrate deeper than moisturizers. We would recommend to alternate between die Advanced Anti Aging Serum and the Blemish repair (day and night) Apply the one in the morning and the other at night)
4. Always seal a good serum with a good moisturizer such as your Day/Night moisturizer
5. Always wear sunscreen!

Treating hyperpigmentation takes time. It is not a quick fix so just be patient.

christa van vuuren Changed status to publish 2020-04-23
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