To whom it may concern, any products that you can recommend for severe itching skin. My legs and arms are full of scars and sores due to my constant itchy. I don’t know what to do anymore. No doctor knows what is wrong with me. I can’t handle it anymore. I am in constant pain

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Dear Anonymous,

It seems as if it may be the typical symptoms of Eczema, a condition which causes much discomfort.  It will require the diagnosis of a Dermatologist first, but I wish to add some important tips on environmental factors that trigger the condition, as well as advice on the products in the Crème Classique Range that were formulated to specifically bring relief.

Scratching, (it triggers a cycle of itch, scratch, burn), but once relief is found, the need to scratch will decrease.  Water is a major trigger and although the sufferer longs to soak in water for relief, it dries out the epidermal layer more.  The hotter the water, the more it irritates the skin.  Quick baths or showers are recommended (once a day). Dry climates, heat, even perspiration can irritate. Natural fibres such as cotton are recommended, but wool (although natural) and nylon should be avoided. Chemicals, commercial shampoos, soaps, detergents and cleaning materials should be avoided.

Recommended Products:

Cream, dry skin moisturiser:  It may be applied as a soap, bathed off and re-applied after the bath (apply a few times a day to emolliate the dry skin).

Safari Cleansing Bar:  Safe to also bath with as it is soapfree, contains anti-bacterial value and zinc for healing

Ointment  (Psoriasis and Eczema):  It may also be used as a soap, bathed off and re-applied after drying.  It can be applied a few times a day. It has the added value as an anti-inflammatory.

Coal Tar Cream:  It is a tried and tested remedy for skin ailments and can be applied 2 x per day.

Zinz Pyrithione Shampoo:  It is most important to start “at the top” as commercial shampoos may trigger the condition.  It may be used daily.

Coal Tar Shampoo:  It may also be used daily and the 2 types of shampoos may be alternated

All the above products are safe to apply on the face.

Cortizone is only supplied on prescription by doctors and should preferrably not be used on a long term basis.  Dermatologists can prescribe corizone to be mixed into the Cream and then applied in a diluted form, without harming the skin. If the condition subsides, the mixture may be stopped and re-applied when it flares up.

Kindly Note:  This is not a diagnosis, but advice on the use of the Crème Classique Range for such possible conditions and will provide certain relief.













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